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In Untold Miracles Podcast, celebrities, thought leaders and influential kids, answer the question: How do you define a Miracle? In conversations with Kelli Davis, head of celebrity relations for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, guests share the miracles they’ve witnessed, created and benefited from — much like the Miracles that happen every day in children’s hospitals — while dishing on the latest news in their lives.

Jan 15, 2019

Rainn Wilson is an Emmy Award nominated actor, producer, writer, director, author, husband, father, and philanthropist. You might know him from his role, playing Dwight from The Office, or by reading his autobiography, The Bassoon King, or you may follow his social media company, Soul Pancake, or listen to his amazing podcast.  

Listen to this episode and learn:  

  • Which character Rainn would want to play in a movie remake.  
  • What inspired him to keep going in his early acting career, even when he wanted to quit.  
  • What the best thing was about playing Dwight in the iconic show The Office 
  • How Rainn supports a charity in Haiti that helps adolescent girls access greater educational opportunities. 
  • Who he would play Dungeons and Dragons with if he could play with anyone in the world.  
  • Why he believes that flawed people can still make a positive impact in the world.