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In Untold Miracles Podcast, celebrities, thought leaders and influential kids, answer the question: How do you define a Miracle? In conversations with Kelli Davis, head of celebrity relations for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, guests share the miracles they’ve witnessed, created and benefited from — much like the Miracles that happen every day in children’s hospitals — while dishing on the latest news in their lives.

Nov 10, 2020

Teri Nestel is the President and CEO of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals During her more than 30-year tenure, Nestel led corporate and development fundraising initiatives, doubling revenue for children’s hospitals between 1994 and 2004. Most recently, Nestel served as chief administrative officer, leading strategic and annual planning, information services, finance and accounting, human resources and legal and compliance. 

Listen to this episode and learn:  

  • How the passing of Teri’s friends’ child inspired Teri to get involved with fundraising and changed course of her career 
  • How Teri started working with CMN Hospitals in 1989 and her career journey with the organization. 
  • About the challenges Teri has faced being a woman in leadership 
  • About the advice she would give young girls who aspire to be future CEO’s 
  • About the most memorable moment of Teri’s career with CMN Hospitals 
  • About the biggest impact John Lauck made in Teri’s life  
  • About Teri’s vision for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and what gives her hope during this challenging time